a little way down the road there was a car parked. shining chrome and blood red. tiny line of smoke leaking out front through the crack . noone in sight. sky dark purple and gold and a small wind pushes through the silence. hot (of course). car surface so polished except for this one line of greasy substance going in the opposite direction of the smoke. but almost stopped in an accumulated thick bulge midway down the panel. one of those things you'd want to touch but know it'll make a mess. and no water in sight. so you just eye it closely, so closely you almost stick out you tounge to lick it. the surface has crusted and you can imagine it´s sweet taste. but the tip of you tounge stops right before that instant when it gets drawn in by the force of a heavier substance. instead you lie down your back on the hot concrete. and let the golden light come to rest on the contours of your body. like a thin silk sheet. eyes closed. almost no need to breathe.