The cobra slows all my moves to a stop. First the feet and hands and then the mind. All silent. Focused only on it. My heart even beats slowly. almost drained of blood. White. And I wait I hear and I nod but what reaches me is only discernable in rising and falling frequencies. Waves of sound. Of sorrow. Pain. Longing. Uncertainty and sometimes even downright envy and plain stupidity. I look away but its every move reaches me and I can only wait. I cannot show my fear then I am dead. I cannot reach down inside and listen to the strange whispers. they pull me down and I push them away. But I know because I am paralyzed and my life doesn’t matter. At this moment anything could go for my throat and my blood would be white and I could not move away. Or maybe it is the only moment when I could use my strength without a thought and it would surprise me. I would stand with the remains scattered around me. A red line of blood running down the corner of my mouth. Swallowing the poison to be invigorated?

The cobra sleeps in my belly.