Circumambulations, 2019

Detail of 4-room installation, SPGallery, Stockholm.

Live act circumambulation with grindstone, Calling 5 frottage on rice paper (right wall), Drum print on calf skin (back wall), 3d and 2d print of public work Maelström, 2011 (left corner), Earth2Earth 1:10 clay model (front), detail of video documentation of performance/installation Genus noll, 1999 (back room).

©Arijana Kajfes

Circumambulations (I have been circling for a thousand years) - an exhibition with old and new work by the artist that all have a common denominator in the sign of the circle and rotation, which recur as fundamental invocations in her work. She constructs a spatial mind map to tie together the traces that lead to the latest works, models of circular house bodies that can stand for a multifaceted relationship with the body, being and the constant transformation of the evasive language of the ineffable.